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commercial swimming pool construction
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residential pool construction


Imagine a perfect pool all the time while you spend less time maintaining your pool and more time enjoying it! Get the state-of-the-art functionality of your pool with the latest automation systems for managing the sanitation of pools and spas. There are also automation systems that allow you to control the temperature and other gauges remotely using the Internet! Call Tropical Pool Supplies today and ask how you can get this cutting edge technology in your pool or spa!

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From hot tubs to steam rooms from splash pools to saunas, Tropical Pool Supplies has the international connections and know-how to build your spa. A spa and its components are as individual as each person’s personal style; we at Tropical Pool Supplies understand this fact and work toward creating spas based on our clients’ vision.

swimming pool builders

Construction of Pools

For more than twelve years, the Tropical Pool Supplies team has designed and constructed several styles and types of pools all over Jamaica for hotels and other commercial entities as well as luxury and medium residential areas. We work with our clients to make their dreams into a reality and to create a pool that is as distinctive as their tastes and styles.

We are able to make pools from a number of materials to capture the blend of nature and the surrounding environment. Pools require professional installation of plumbing, filters, pumps etc. to ensure the long lasting pleasure of this great source of relaxation and well-being. Please take a look at our photo gallery of completed projects, which gives a sample of some of our works. Remember that we are able to use various mixes of materials to create your individual pool and we would like to talk to you about how we can assist you in realising that dream.