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Maintenance of Pools

To preserve the beauty and functionality of your pool, it is important for a strict and efficient maintenance programme to be designed and implemented. Tropical Pool Supplies has the know-how to help you keep your pool in tip-top shape. The company also has the chemicals, equipment and staffing to conduct these maintenance duties for our clients.

plumbing leak detection

Leak Detection Services

Where there are pipes, there will inevitably be leaks. When that happens, it is best for the pool owner to gain professional leak detection services so that the solution can be applied to the right section of the plumbing system. Too often, amateurs are used who dig up unnecessary areas of the pool system and cause undue damage and expense. At Tropical Pool Supplies, we provide state-of the-art detection that gets to the heart of the problem for quick and effective solutions.

leak detection services


Pool maintenance can be a tedious task if you do not have the right chemicals to guard against algae and other unsavoury inhabitants of poorly maintained pools. Tropical Pools Supplies carries a variety of chemicals for wholesale and retail customers. These correct and guard against cloudy waters; reduce the organic content of your pool water, so that you will use less chlorine, bromine or algaecide. Our chemicals include:

  • Pool algaecide
  • Granular Chlorine
  • Pool Acid
  • Tile and Vinyl Cleaners
  • Miraclear Blue

Electrical & Plumbing Repairs

We offer total expertise in the field of electrical & plumbing repairs. If there is a problem with any of your swimming pool’s electrical or plumbing equipment, you can rely on us for its repair. Having served Jamaica for decades, there is no plumbing or electrical repair that our technicians have not performed. We are capable of working with a variety of popular pool equipment brands. Over the past years, our professionals have completed all kinds of repair projects, both large and small.

swimming pool maintenance